5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Hard Floor Camper

Posted on: 21 February 2018


A camper trailer is an excellent way to take time off, hit the trail and enjoy nature without being forced to abandon modern conveniences. For families, this is especially crucial due to the young ones who might want to come along. There are several options when it comes to camping trailers. Here are several reasons why a hard floor camper might be most suitable for you.

1.    It Is Easy to Set Up

A hard floor camper is very easy to set up providing great benefit when out camping. You release the catches off and turn the roof for an easy manual set up. With automated ones, you just press a button, and it sets up on its own in seconds.

2.    You Need Little Equipment

The ease of setting up a hard floor camper means you do not require the extensive tools necessary to set up a soft floor camper. Since you don't carry tent pegs, ropes, groundsheet material, etc. there is more room for you and no clutter on board.

3.    You Don't Have to Prepare the Ground

When using a soft floor camper, you must take time and effort to prepare the ground it will stand on. You have to get rid of potentially sharp objects that might pierce it. You also have to comb the grounds looking for items that will make for uncomfortable sleeping when they press against the soft floor. A hard floor camper relives you of this problem due to its rigid flooring material. As long as the ground is relatively flat, you are good to go in setting it up. You can give more focus to your travel knowing that you don't have to strain clearing the ground when its time to pitch camp.

4.    It's Safe

Hard floor campers are slightly raised isolating you from the ground. The elevation provides protection from insects or crawling animals on the ground. It protects you from unexpected wet and muddy conditions that might occur in the middle of the night.  

5.    It's Easy to Clean

Hard floor campers are easy to clean due to the stiffness of the flooring material which allows you to use a vacuum cleaner or a mop. The floor panels are sealed which helps prevent sand and dust from getting in making it easier to clean as well.


Camping is enjoyable when you do not have to take too much time pitching camp. Hard floor campers are fast to set up and easy to maintain allowing maximum leisure time.